Terms and Conditions

Requirements for renting a vehicle

The Minimum age is 21 years old. There is no maximum age limit.

Present an original and current driver's license with photograph.

(City Car Rental reserves the right to verify and accept driver's licenses according to the rules established by City Car Rental and deny the rental. The Client shall present the ID free of erasures, amendments or illegibility)


For rent payment, City Car Rental accepts all credit and debit cards (except Dinner Club) and traveler's checks. City Car Rental accepts the following credit cards for rental payment or deposit: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DEPARTMENTAL CREDIT CARDS.

City Car Rental, reserves the right to decline the reservation, and therefore, the rent of the vehicle if the renter does not satisfactorily cover the requirements to carry out the commercial operation.

Reservations without a prepayment are subject to availability upon arrival.


Additional drivers

City Car Rental allows the tenant to designate an additional driver. The additional drivers must comply with the same requirements stipulated in the contract and will be subject to the same obligations when driving the rented vehicle and is also jointly and severally liable. If you require an additional driver, you must cover a cost of $5 USD (taxes included) per day.


Guarantee Deposit Policy

City Car Rental for security, does not accept deposits in cash, in any currency, only credit cards in which a bank authorization will be requested, of the credit card presented, in support of the rental agreement. The amount will depend on the vehicle category.

Clase premium (PVAR) $1600 USD



Gasoline is NOT included in the total price. With the same level of gasoline that is received the rented vehicle must be delivered to the return, according to what will be stipulated in the rental contract. There are no refunds for gasoline surpluses. If there is a shortage of gasoline, it will be charged as follows: $18 USD per octave of tank missing.

Extra Hours

When returning the vehicle, the customer has a tolerance period of 30 minutes, starting from the time recorded in the rental contract. After the stipulated time, for each additional hour, it will have a cost depending on the rented vehicle up to a maximum of 3 hours, after 3 hours delay, the full day will be charged according to the daily rate stipulated in the contract.


Return of vehicle and extension of rent

The place and date of return of the vehicle will be agreed upon and stipulated by both parties in the lease agreement.

In the event that the renter changes the time of his return to the one stipulated in his contract, he must notify City Car Rental 24 hours in advance for its rescheduling, otherwise City Car Rental will not be responsible for the costs or damages that the renter may suffer.

We offer the option of extending your rental contract, it is the client's inescapable obligation to request the extension of the rental period before the end of its initial period, if after three days, there is no communication from the client, City Car Rental, reserves the right to report to the relevant authorities, the non-return of the vehicle according to the rental contract, excluding City Car Rental from any liability for any additional cost that may be generated. City Car Rental will respect the reserved rate during the initial rental period, in the case of extension will be according to the rate in force at the time of requesting or delivering the vehicle as the case may be based on our portal.

Note: In case of returning the vehicle in another place that is not the offices of City Car Rental, it will have an extra cost, this will depend on the place where the vehicle will be delivered.



In prepaid reservations if the client does not present any of the documents indicated above, the documentation is not valid, legible or does not have sufficient balance on his credit card, the rental car agent may refuse to make the rent and you will be charged a penalty for one day of rent, will be reimbursed only the daily rent without taking into account taxes and insurance contracted.

  • In case of cancellation a penalty of 15% of the amount paid for penalty fee will be applied
  • If you prepaid 15% of your reservation for " guaranteeing my reservation " in case of cancellation will not be refunded any amount.


Insurance policies

In the event of an accident, the driver must immediately inform City Car Rental in order to follow up with the insurance company, which requires that the driver in case of an accident must be authorized in the rental contract and must present a valid driver's license with photograph. Also, stay at the scene of the accident to fill out the report required by the insurance company.


Insurance included

  • PLI (Damages to Third Parties)
  • CDW (Collision Damage Insurance)
  • SLI (Third-Partie Liability Supplement)
  • TP (Partial Theft Protection)
  • PAI (Personal Medical Coverage)


Reservations for special schedule

If your reservation pickup is at the following times, it must be prepaid with a minimum of 15% of the total rental value:


  • Airport: 23:00 hrs - 08:00 hrs
  • Downtown: 21:00 hrs - 08:30 hrs
  • Hotel Zone 21:00 hrs - 08:30 hrs

For questions, guidance or clarifications on how to make the payment contact us.

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Comment from Robert S
Robert S
(5/ 5)

This Puerto Vallarta car rental company is reliable, the staff was friendly, the car was in perfect condition and I had no problems during the trip.

February, 2019 |
456 Reviews | Google 4.5/ 5
Comment from Samantha K.
Samantha K.
(5/ 5)

We rented a Toyota Avanza, it was very useful because we were more than 6 people and we were able to carry our luggage comfortably.

February, 2019 |
456 Reviews | Google 4.5/ 5
Comment from Denis R
Denis R
(5/ 5)

Great car rental in Puerto Vallarta service, satisfied with the vehicle we rent. Nice experience!

February, 2019 |
456 Reviews | Google 4.5/ 5
Comment from Stacey W
Stacey W
(5/ 5)

My sister recommended us to rent a car with this company; she visited Puerto Vallarta recently, so we decided to book with them, they were kind to us and gave us excellent service.

August, 2018 |
456 Reviews | Google 4.5/ 5
Comment from Rose H
Rose H
(5/ 5)

They have a very good service and the vehicles they delivered were in condition. We enjoyed the visit to Puerto Vallarta very much.

June, 2018 |
456 Reviews | Google 4.5/ 5
Comment from Patricia J.

(5/ 5)

I booked online and when I arrived at the airport a representative was already waiting for us with the unit.

456 Reviews | Google 4.5/ 5